Bring on the Drones!

by Steven Gowin

The Blue Angels are tearing through the skies over our Fleet Week city, blasting into steep climbs, splitting into squealing fleur de lis, and thundering back into formation.

We know they're cool because they scare animals and young children. Yup, our snake brains all love fast shiny things that go boom.

Never mind that they cost millions per year just to amuse the monkey bone in us all or that they spew pollution or that their only real purpose is murder. They are justified by skill and thrill.

But really, to better represent our air prowess, I propose a new aerobatic team, one a bit more in touch with our air superiority these day, and until we find a better name, let's call them the Thunder Drones.

Sure these babies wouldn't be as fast nor dive as sharply nor rival an FA/18 Hornet for noise or speed or maneuverability, but a drone's much much cheaper. Imagine not four or five of them together, but a couple dozen MQ-1 Predators overhead accompanied by smaller drones in glorious formation.

We could afford far more of them as an aerobatic team, and I bet a couple squadrons could make a buzz almost as impressive as four or five of those Hornets. And if one went down in the City… no biggie!

They're far smaller than a fighter jet, would cause much less wreckage, and would require far less damage control PR. Speaking of PR, with the proper buildup on local TV, we could all get a real feel for what one of these babies is like on attack.

Bring them in very very high so we don't even know they're there. Better yet, forget TV buildup; forget Fleet Week. Don't even announce when they'll be around… just bring them in high, then take them low over downtown. Should scare bejesus out of all of us… hey there's a thrill for you!

Talk about prestige! Thunder Drones could afford us all that true Afgan village experience that so builds respect for American values the world over.

So bring on the mighty Thunder Drones… proxies for American Air Superiority. Cue God Bless America; wave that flag.