My Whole Life Story (Again and Again)

by Rhys Nixon

When John wakes up, the first thing he does is run a bath, because his shower is broken, and while the bath is running he gets his breakfast ready. After the bath is full, he lets the water cool down and he eats his breakfast, while reading any emails he might have. After he finishes eating, his bath has cooled down enough so that he can quickly clean himself. He brushes his teeth, puts his clothes on, and then walks down the street to his bus stop. This usually takes him about twenty minutes, thirty at the most.

He works at a supermarket in the middle of the city, and lives on his own in an apartment in the outer suburbs. If he drove to work it would only take him twenty minutes or so to get to work, but he doesn't have his license, so he has to get the bus, which can sometimes take an hour to get to the city. The bus takes him within a fifteen minutes walk from work, but usually, because he slept in, he has to run to make it in time. 

He usually tries to set an alarm to wake himself up earlier, so that he can decide whether to get an earlier bus, as to avoid running to work, or so that he can have a relaxed morning that doesn't have to be so dependent on timing. But this usually doesn't work, because he sleeps through the first alarm. He likes to sleep in.

He tries to read on the bus, but he gets nauseous if he does so for more than five to ten minutes, so he usually just sits near the front with his head against the window. Sometimes he falls asleep on the way, and has been late for work because of this. But, for the most part, the bus ride to work is quite uneventful.  

The supermarket is in an area of the city that is close to the business district, a high school, and the main shopping district. If he wakes up in time, and gets the earlier bus, John sometimes treats himself to a small breakfast at one of the cafes on the way to work. Sometimes, if he is in a bad mood, he just gets a coffee and gets to work ten minutes late.

The floors in the supermarket are an eggshell white, and the walls match the floors, except for a blue edging between the wall and the ceiling. the neon lights are particularly bright, the kind that are almost as white as a piece of paper, and they give everything a plastic look. It's one of the newer stores for this particular franchise, but it is still about twenty years old. 

John usually works at the checkout, operating the cash register. Sometimes, however, he works in other departments when they need extra help. His favorite place to work in the store is the freezer. He likes it because he gets to keep to himself without anyone bothering him, and the job is simple. 

The store isn't usually busy until closer to lunch time, when people from all the different parts of the city start going on their lunch breaks. The busiest time is from about three till five o'clock in the afternoon, as school finishes and people leave work to go home. Then it's usually as quite as it was in the morning until close, at nine o'clock.

He usually misses his bus home, as after about seven o'clock they start running on the hour, and his bus leaves at roughly nine thirty. Sometimes he goes and gets something to eat from a nearby restaurant or fast food place, especially if he has the next day off work, but more often than not he just sits at the bus stop and waits, sometimes reading a book. 

By the time he gets home, it's usually nearly midnight. If he hasn't had something to eat by the time he gets home, he usually has some sort of instant meal to eat. He eats this while reading any emails he might have gotten while he was at work. He usually stays on the computer until he is tired enough to go to bed.

When he finally goes to bed, he usually watches TV to fall asleep. He likes watching nature documentaries. Sometimes, if he has over-watched the documentaries, he will watch some sort of film, or a cartoon. He usually turns the TV off at about two o'clock in the morning, sometimes three, and sets his alarm for seven o'clock. 

There is a certain comfort he finds in working at a supermarket. It is a job that after three weeks, he knew enough to teach other new staff. This allowed him to explore his own imagination, and daydream about whatever he liked. There is no stress, and he never goes home having to worry about anything that happened during his day. He can always expect the day to be the same as the last, without anything out of the ordinary happening. And in the ten years that John has worked at the supermarket, nothing has ever happened.