Billing Notice

by Peter Cherches

An important message regarding your bill: Due to recent enhancements to our billing system, the rate per unit for your basic service can no longer be determined. As a result, we are unable to respond to any inquiries. The following is supplied for your information: The reduced holiday rates (formerly "the revised rates") no longer in effect will be discontinued until further notice. After that, the original rates will once again become effective for an indefinite period. During the intervening period, you may choose either of the two rates, whichever is higher. However, in certain states, the original, higher rate will prevail unless otherwise amended by state or local law, in which case we may, at our discretion, impose a surcharge which will bring the amended rate in line with the rate no longer in effect. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this transitional period, and look forward to serving you in the future. For further information, you may call our toll-free number, which is unlisted, during normal business hours, as that term is defined in our publication S-342, which has been superseded by publication V-909, no longer in print.