As the Lights Dim

by Nonnie Augustine

AS THE LIGHT DIMS                                                                   

Mingle with those who convene

to dazzle and delight.

Yes, go to them. Intrude, exude

the French scent of sly seduction.

Parrot gibberish overheard

during too many happy hours.

Emerge from your pre-drink vault

airless with rumination, heavy 

with the shame of a day 

replete with perceived failure.

Trust the iced amber scotch

that coats your throat,

relieves you of damning 

thought as it speeds you

to a night-time country.

Believe your lubricious image

of a savvy, successful, self.

Drink until the restraining judges

are silenced with sodden kisses.

Avoid your empty rooms

until darkness betrays

you all to offending dawn.