Nothing At All

by Michael J. Solender

There is nothing I am desirous of. My immediate needs, such as they are, have been attended to.

How can I be certain?

You are right, there is so very little I can be certain of. But I am certain of this. There is nothing I need that I don't have.

The ice in my drink provides ample cooling. The brew strength of my tea is just such that it combines in a pleasing fashion with the melting ice. My mind is clear and my belly absent hunger. I am completely sated from any physical desire at this very moment. The weakness of my bladder may at some point prove other-wise, but just now I want for naught.

Will his Holiness be long?

Of course, you can't be certain. Of that I am certain. I certainly do not mind waiting. Should I mind?

His Holiness has waited lifetimes, he has actually spent many lifetimes waiting. Perhaps an eternity, though of this I am not certain. I'm certain I don't know what an eternity is, though it is most certainly more than a lifetime. You can be certain of that.

No, nothing more for me thank you. You are most hospitable. How did I arrive? By carriage, yes by carriage. No, the journey was not at all arduous. I crossed over no conventicle, nor did I meet with ill tidings. It was a journey without event, other than my arrival here. Your hospitality is welcoming and pleases me.

Yes, my associate is quite content to wait with the horses. He's actually been with me since birth. His birth, not mine. His father was in my father's, then my, service and I wondered how we would ever replace him. His son took an immediate liking to me and my family and fell quite naturally into position after his father's passing. Yes he provides fine service. He was born into it! A fine lad, and quite the horseman I should add. Does his Holiness ride horses? No I expect he would not.

No, I remain comfortable, thank you though. Have you been long in service to his Holiness? Since before he was his Holiness! My, that is of substance. Yes that is tremendous loyalty. I am certain of that.

Yes, I will have some more tea, thank you. It won't be long now, I'm certain of that.