The Truth Of Jello

by John Olson

Truth flies around the room and lands

On the back of a chair hungry

For lies

Franz Kafka opens the refrigerator

And removes a bowl of jello

With the face of Bella Abzug in it

Grinning among chunks of pineapple

Each chunk jolly and solvent

And smiling like a grasshopper

With the cleavage of Dolly Parton

And the familiarity of an intensive care unit

It is now time to make a loud and strident remark

About feeding geese please do not feed the geese

Feed the sparrows instead

Feed them chunks of pineapple feed them the truth

Of the concertina which is a truth of folds and air

Squeezed out in the form of music

One day a duck got trapped in the mailroom

And flapped around in a panic until one of us

Caught her and helped her back outside again

Where the world perched on the top right frame

Of my mind and Lady Murasaki read from a long blue scroll

And the wind went by soft and ineffable
And completely invisible except for the wagging of trees

Which is a dead give away

The mind lifts it into a perception

Or is it the other way around a perception

Lifts the movement of air into the mind

Where it assumes the gravity

Of truth flying around the room

Like a visitor from another realm

Another dimension another nurturance

What exactly is jello

Here is the truth of jello jello

Consists of gelatin and glistens in its bowl

Next to the lasagna dish

We are all looking for a way to expand ourselves

Expand our capacity to know and appreciate the truth

To recognize the truth

When it alights on the back of a chair and chirps

Its song of fury

Hanging naked from the skin of the tongue