The secret meaning of celebrity

by James Lloyd Davis

Standing as she did alone
In profile at the beach,
Tastefully arrayed
Limbs at rest
At all the proper
Angles and
Only enhanced by
Cheap sunglasses
And a red t-shirt
Damp in places where
It touched
Her swim-suit breasts.
Blown flat
Against her
Abs at
The front
From the wind it
Rippled like a flag
Behind her
Frayed, sunbleached.
Hair like golden
Streaks on mahogany
Threads of slighty
Disobedient silken
Hair like Alice
Down the rabbit
Hole as vixen
Pouted lips and
In perfect 22.575 degree
Upward tilt and
For all that.
Brice reasoned
That she could
Not be
Anyone but
He said of her
“She stunned though
Dressed down utterly
Even for Venice Beach
And pity's sake.”
The photograph was
Titled “Incognito”
As though
Would know.