Global Arms - 2

by J. Mykell Collinz

The newly elected mayor refused to assume the role of a compliant figurehead and, during a city council meeting, she used her position as chairperson to express her frustration:

"In this past election, both sides were financed by the same special interest groups yet, instead of reporting this, the mainstream media turned the campaign into a reality show, treating the candidates as if they were celebrities, purposely distracting the electorate, deceiving them into thinking they had a choice."

"And what does that say about you?"

"Yes, I'm guilty, too, of being gullible. I believed in my positions and promises. I never doubted I would be able to fulfill them."

"Sit down. Stop belaboring us with your hoi polloi sob story. We all know how gullible you are. You won the election because you're good looking. And you told the rank and file what they wanted to hear. Now it's time to face reality and get down to work. Do your job as mayor the way it's supposed to be done, facilitate the council's business."

She slowly gave in, went along with the flow, it allowed her to relax and to think. Informed by experience, she began to formulate a new plan. While serving in government, she plotted to change it. Meanwhile, she avoided her previous supporters. She became unavailable to anyone outside the inner circle of power: they had her under surveillance, she knew that, and she wanted to make a good first impression.