A Love Poem Written Just for You

by Heather Fowler

You wanted a love poem written just for you.
Here it is. Don't look askance.
It is asking you to love yourself. Also,
Praising your kindness and your beauty.
I cannot help it if you don't believe.
Listen harder.

Here is your love poem written just for you.
It is all about your eyes and your thighs
And your dreams and the secret way
You do the things you do.
I cannot help it if you don't believe.
Don't look askance.

Nobody wrote one for you before. That's what
You said. Or they did and you didn't see you
In that. Look, this poem is a mirror. It is a seer.
It is the thing that makes you bright
And safe, exactly as you are.
It is kind of shifty.

Maybe it is a genie. Three wishes. Be careful.
You can wish for the partner it is, who will
Suckle your toes and paint your portrait.
You can wish for a goldfish that will
Never make noise and never die.
This poem asks only that you

Feel loved for one small moment. That you
Exist for more than what you haven't had,
That you remember what tenderness is possible
In the world, that you embrace it or be more
Powerful and choose to create this for yourself.
This is a love poem

Written just for you. It knows exactly who you are.
It entices. It bids. It borrows. It steals.
Open the door of your bedroom. Say:
Come in. It will not fail you.
Sit tight. Help is on the way.
Read this: You are loved.