Spring Miscellany

by Gary Hardaway


We are an aberrant branch
of the tree of life, excessively

long and prickly. We curl
back to trim the other

branches who cannot
understand our destiny

to rule all branches and
the tree itself. We need

a good and proper pruning.

Muse Bait Haiku

She doesn't visit.
Coax her, counting syllables-
and still no visit.

The Masters, 2013

At least it was a white guy
speaking English as
his native tongue
who won that
bright green

Regarding 9/11

Because we are exceptional,
our 3000 dead in New York
exceeds in impact that of 75,000  
burned at Nagasaki,
150,000 at Hiroshima,
6,000,000 in Poland and Germany,
and who knows how many
among the Iroquois, Apache, and Sioux?
Of course, the poignant
collapse of the towers was televised.

Holes in the ground
that recreate the cores of two towers
(elevators, toilets, exit stairs)
surrounded by the net leasable area
(offices, cubicles, conference rooms)
represented by pools of water
commemorate our loss.
We are a sentimental people.

Is it any wonder evangelicals feel
the loss of prayer in schools
approximates the martyrdom of Steven?
Is it any wonder we're a target?
Yes, Virginia,
there are bearded men
and veiled women
who dance across our graves.