by Gary Hardaway


It's language used to modulate desire-
for vengeance, acquisitive duplicity,
and transitory physical delight.
Like other language, it half succeeds.


we don't need
Heaven to perfect us.
We can Photoshop
ourselves instead.


The anger has no other place to go
so it pools beneath the skin, a viscous
hydro carbon, spoiling digestion and sleep,
corrupting the warm damp organs within.

Advice to Contemporary Poets

Learn to weaponize your poems.
Cutlass those couplets,
dagger dimeter.
visualize virulent and viral villanelles.
Hiroshima horrendous hydro-hexameter,
Metastasize metaphor into bio-terrific tercets.

Yes, weaponize your poems-
become  the first poet-billionaire.


Science is our provisional understanding of existence.
Art is our provisional understanding of human existence.
Everything else just enables our understanding by paying for it.


Murder shrinks
to fit inside your screen
and run an hour, ads included,
messy start to tidy finish.

Dialectic Immaterialism

Certainty is an illusion.
Of this I am quite certain.

Re-naming the Era

Too many chirps and little blinking lights
assail us. We communicate
so widely and not well
our time should be known
as the era of miscommunication
rather than the Information Age.

Not Grateful

Christians say
that Jesus died for me.
Given the chance,
I'd have asked him not to.


Two types coexist- the sanguine
and exsanguinated.
My skin is cool
and pale as moonlight
as I prowl the pre-dawn streets.
You sleep, warmly hued,
preparing for the vivid day.

Creating Purpose Where There Isn't Any

The hours constrain our sense of time.
If we were gods we wouldn't have hours.
What's time to a god but something to fill
with patterns beautiful or mischievous?
Mischief is a friend of beauty's and they
pal around the palace without hours,
unreliable servants of the timeless gods
who need mortality as evidence of hierarchy.

Imitation N+1

The universe expands
to fill the space
it makes itself.
It is its own definition
and quite articulate.
I'll mimic it in tiny ways.