Misanthropy in an Age of Propaganda

by Gary Hardaway

Earning Our Extinction

What have we learned
in our 2 + million years?

love, shelter, clothing, care,

water, earth, fire, air.
We have become

the sum of our appetites,
the growth curve of our dominion.

An English Language Obscenity

Country music is an obscenity
freely allowed in the fifty states
of the US and the six of Australia.

No other nations support
such schlock and twang.
Their markets shut it down.

What the fuck is wrong
with the colonies, north and south?
A failure of critical thinking skills, I reckon.

Post-mortem Haiku

Where the heart should be
a vast yearning, only, for

A Texan Speaks of His Native State

From its inception as a land grab by dumbfuck white people, Texas has been an evil place. Not the land, which can be brutal, beautiful, and banal, but the apparatus of governance which rivals Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia for the purity of its corruption and stupidity. Texas is a cancerous lesion into which fall innumerable bodies of the innocent to hopelessness and death. It is a place that generates suffering and despair. It is a place that should be targeted by the dirtiest of dirty bombs and rendered uninhabitable for millennia.