Jonestown on a Global Scale

by Gary Hardaway

I have no problem with Jim Jones.
He succeeded on a small scale

with what the other inhabitants of the planet,
who aren't human, need- our extinction,

our human extinction. Picture it-
air not clogged with the shit

that makes Beijing the dark joke
of the developed world.  Water

clean enough to drink- no benzene rings
to choke the life out of cells too small

to register much in the consciousness
until a painful and permanent loss

of consciousness. It's a small world
after all and the oil you burn in Canton,

Ohio, leaves its death smudge in
Killybegs, Kilkerry and Kildare.

Things in Glocca Morra are not good.
Dominion- what a lethal concept.

Our corpses would blossom with life
perfectly fine without us.