Before the Fall (Pt. 2)

by Deborah Oster Pannell

Newsome glared at the sleeping woman, slumped over the edge of the hard, metal table, her head settled comfortably into the crook of her arm.  Over an hour she's been in that position, he thought.  Despite the harshness of the room, the fluorescent lights, the cold tabletop, she seemed at home - like she was curled up in a big down comforter in the corner of a thick couch. 

It's too bad this chick is such a mess, he thought, spraying more Fantastik on the floor and wiping up the remaining chunks of vomit.  She's got a great ass and two gorgeous tits.  Licking his lips, he thought about what it would be like to take her from behind, right here, right now.  His cock hardened as he imagined holding her mouth shut with one hand and thrusting the other hand down her pants to find her, wet and waiting for him.

“You thinking about me?” Ruby looked up from the table top, pushing her damp hair back away from her forehead as she turned to face Newsome with clear eyes.   “I'll give you a good deal — abduction night special.”

“You oughtta be thinking about your kids.”  Newsome tossed the soiled paper towel into the trash and snapped off first one, then the other rubber exam glove, as his cock reflexively went soft. 

“Fuckers took my kids.  They waited until I was good and drunk, and then they took my goddamn kids.”

“Any idea what they want?”

“I got nothin.”

“S'not what I asked.”

Ruby took a deep breath, drew her sweater up around her shoulders and looked straight at Newsome.  “Look, am I a suspect?”  Her tightly curled lips could not hide a small quiver.   “I need a drink.”

Newsome stared back at Ruby and sighed in return.  “You could be in a lot of trouble right now.”

“I know.”  And closing her eyes with an even deeper sigh, she put her head down on the table again, this time face down.

Newsome looked down at Ruby.  He liked this one.  He felt sorry for her.  She was pretty.  His shift was ending in fifteen minutes.   

His hand touched the back of her neck, only for a second.  “Wait here,” he said, and he closed the door behind him.