it was just like in a movie, they said

by David Ackley



the one with Mel Gibson where

he's hanging all chained up and he

wraps his legs around the guy's neck

and kills him just like that

and somersaults free

but the straps were tight and they

had me pinned and the cloth

over my face was wet

and I was like



take 2


or that one

the building shaking water

rising around you can't kick the window out

swimming up to the ceiling can't go higher

just your poor little nose holes

sticking out sucking last air

then: hand grabs yours pulls you

out into sunlight dripping like safe new-born



that doesn't work: try this:


the last sound a kind of helpless

disconsolate banging



section break


except we can't make it fit into the frame it

wants to be more all- around i don't know

like complete maybe like with surround-sound

and that old vibrator thing on the seats like

for The Tingler and some sort of smell-o-vision

for the rotten stink… see?

and maybe have the ceiling fall on them


like this ?



section break

take 3


the thud or thump of bodies

which one was that

mouth full of ashes

all white from the dust or ash running

and choking

watching all this

on the box thinking

is that me ?


take 4


or the one with Dennis Quaid where

the big blizzard comes

and freezes everybody stiff

except -- Dennis his son

his son's new girl friend

and the president

and me, watching


take 5


should I turn up the heat?