Even in the Same Room

by Darryl Price



as you are there's a big floating arm that separates both of us

from each other. Like a widening river, it touches us together often

but still keeps us drifting apart. The banks of your new life have different weeds

and flowers on them than mine. But we share all those same stars washing above.


This has always been a kind of strange comfort to me. Sometimes that

kind of concrete circumstance is all we have to send

a sweet dream upon its way in this sleepy old world of slippery rocks and blocking branches to a

strangely beautiful somewhere else. Even in the middle of a


rainstorm of epic proportions we might find another road that

leads to a clear cut picture of at least a

familiar-looking face with an obvious enough heart, one that believes in going directly into the deepest, living 

lights clanging together. I don't want to have to explain


this phenomenon for anyone else, because you are the only

one it is ever meant to reach. This poem is an incredible

kite, a whistle, a heron on a mission, a canoe with a secret note painted on

its one side, a  popping radiating lily sprung open out of nowhere with its own


gust of sun shining in the middle, a birdsong made only once in

a lifetime from one branch in one deeply probing dream of a lost forever forest. Even on

this long and lonely hill I can still celebrate your shadow sinking softly upon mine as I walk away from every

home. There'll never be another time to tell you. Goodbye, my friend.