She Came to Me

by Damion Hamilton

I liked her when I first saw her

She came to me

I liked her hair and body and eyes

Bu there was something wrong with 
Her teeth

Scarred beauty

I hit it off with her easily at the bar

The others didn't like her

She was a cook

She told me about her narcolepsy, ADHD, Tourettes Sydrome,
Asthma and other ailments

Her soul shined though

When she worked I couldn't wait to see her

It was something to look forward to

Through the darkness of having to work for a living

She came to me and danced and sang to me

And made feel good for a brief time

I wanted to have sex with her

But never got the chance

She was faithful to her boyfriend

But I was her friend

And didn't real care about that

I just miss her like hell now

All those stories of abuse and pain

In her life could it all have been true?

Now she's gone now

And I wonder what it means?

All the people coming and going

From your life

My life