Salt and Light

by Chad Smith

Here once again
We speak of Brother Gibberish
Read his book, study his work
How can we do this without making sense?

The devil is in his music
Strap his arms and legs down to the bed
Make it so he can't hurt himself
Fashion a harness

His new creation will use the colors
Yellow, red and brown
Same colors on the box of powder soap
The soap they used to remove the enamel

The cold white burst of heat
Walk toward the drips of sunlight
Brightness filled with dreams of teeth
Scrape off the enamel

Lives his life as a beacon of light
A city on the pill
Then he saw a new heaven and a new earth
Streets were paved with mold

5 simple ingredients
Limestone; feldspar;
Biodegradable cleaning agents (from coconut and corn)
Soda ash; and baking soda

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The text is in brown
As clever as clean bed sheets
A cloud of chalk and dust beneath the enamel

A life that learned to love the knife
A shaky dismount
The poem seemed awkward in the end