gravelortian part 5

by Chad Smith

Stop crying
Change the channel when it gets like this
Feel the beats pump in your chest
Speed up the rhythms of your heart
Music blast
Light flash
He seemed like such an angel
Boom the  beat
Loose it
Papa wants to dance
The future is so bright
Feel good all the time baby
Control what you can control
Don't stop the dance
Get out
Get out of control
Locked down with joy
Get numb and play dumb
Papa wants to dance
Explosions of pleasure
Don't worry about what you have to lose
The feed has been cut, connection dropped
Shrink the universe to the size of the dance floor
Can't know what he doesn't know
Stomp feet, jump higher
Music blast
Papa takes off his robe
Eyes closed hands raised spins
Boom the beat
Loose it
Dance with all your might
Tap your feet to the laugh track
Our hearts and minds are with the victims of the dance
Papa holds hands with
Mama holds hands with
Sister hold hands with
Spin happy circle
Love give us the grace to dance while
It all burns