Anxious Whittle Anxious

by Chad Smith

Still have a nice view of the sun

Off in the distance

Things have been running smooth

But how much longer?


It's all passing by

What are you going to do?

What are you trying to say?

What is this?


A late thirties white male middle class freak out

No, really? You're serious?

Feel sorry for yourself because no one else will

What's that you have in your hands?

The middle ages

A stack of empty pages

Feel that tightening squeezing

A gasp

The sound made by a

Soul crushing


Loosen your tie

Tightening in your chest is


Anxious whittle anxious


So many plans

Piles of problems

Too many options

Not sure where to begin

Well, if you haven't begun yet it's probably too late


You had been waiting around

To find out no one was in charge

Didn't know what they were doing

The safe wasn't locked

It was empty anyway


Son, could you please step out of the car?


Anxious whittle anxious


Two were seen fleeing the scene