Elizabeth Karlin, M.D. and U.W.-Madison’s OB-Gyn Chair’s Cash Window

by Ann Bogle

I wish I could tell you it's a social coup of Catholics and to stop invoking Salem witch trials except Arthur Miller's or that of history.

One builder, less philopathic toward religion than any other man, has already agreed to hoist a very high Cathedral in Glen Lake, Minnesota.

We need a very tall, dark iron artificent, a capacious small-base, ultra-tall building to inhibit Catholic Sandy, inspire her, too, by size.

What law tested by the Supreme Court keeps abortion legal? Women know Roe v. Wade is a privacy ruling. Abortion is also their idea of bubbly.

Sad to tears, not bubbly, ordered as all in Madison, outpatient by Elizabeth Karlin, internist, later a bullet-proof vest abortion provider.

The Progressive ran her article in 1996. She wrote that all who came to her abortion service clinic cried no damn reason oh well then bit it.

The Progressive obscured the date of her article recently. Karlin died in 1998 of a brain tumor. A Bible thumper misquotes her NYTimes obit.

The house lost power after that stanza. The OB-Gyn chair may have known the father is a genius but not that my math was higher, a transplant?

The OB-Gyn chair who performed the abortion on a Thursday shouted in my face, “WORKING CLASS DOG!” than snagged it, seven residents watching.