The Night Before the Last Day of Summer

by Aline Carriere

Tomorrow we'll do everything
We'll go to the beach and hunt
For shells and stuff in the surf
We'll have a picnic in the Italian garden
Or beneath the grape arbor
We'll spread our blanket and lie down
And look at the clouds.

Tomorrow we can do everything
We'll go to the amusement park
And you can go on your favorite ride
Twenty-nine times or more, if you like
We'll go to the zoo and the museum
And run through the fountain.

Later we can set up the pool and sprinkler
In the backyard and play Frisbee.
We'll have a cookout and eat corn on the cob
And sit in the slanty sunlight when it gets cool
We'll take the dogs for a long walk
Then read aloud on the porch

A story we will always remember
At night we'll make a fire and roast marshmallows
And watch the bats swoop and fly.
We'll watch a movie, a really good one
That makes me cry, but has a happy ending
Tomorrow we'll do all these things.

Tomorrow is our last day of summer
Tonight is our last night to dream.