Between Our Words

by A. Pseudonym

Want It / Think It / Do It

I Write This

Because We Don't

(Where I Come From)

Admit that we Do

(Where I come from)

Do All Of The Above


I write this against

all the schizophrenic mess 

we tend to make of things

where we do this and say that

where we think no and believe yes

where we say yes and feel no

we, yes, and you and I, I suspect


I write for us because

There are problems we lovingly fashion

nurture in the face of reason

and protect from conversation

things we keep to ourselves as talismans

against their own absence

(the thought of which

is too beautiful to permit)


Between our words

We will unmake them

denature them

talk them out

We will dispense with their charms

and start looking for a place

where what feels good

and what is good

are all the same.