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  • Sunburn_selfie.thumb
    Jane Hammons
    Aug 18, 10:30pm

    Robert Frank, U.S. 285, New Mexico

    I couldn't find a place to put it beneath the image. Happy to change the image if someone wants to send me another one.

  • Martha-williams.thumb
    Martha Williams
    Aug 19, 04:21am

    Great group - really looking forward to adding my losers to it. Thanks, Jane!

  • Author_photo.thumb
    James Lloyd Davis
    Aug 19, 05:52am

    Love the image ... road to nowhere ... perfect place for the losers, eh?

  • Picture.thumb
    Ian Ayris
    Aug 19, 06:41am

    Goes perfectly with the group description. And you can't get better than that. Definitely a keeper.

  • Michaeljsolender-headshot1.thumb
    Michael J. Solender
    Aug 19, 06:43am

    perfectly bleak thus perfect

  • R_godwin01.thumb
    Richard Godwin
    Aug 19, 07:08am

    Fantastic choice of image Jane.

  • Gita_cropped.thumb
    Gita M. Smith
    Aug 19, 08:07am

    The empty road that leads to badlands, or a town where evil prevails or to the dark corners of my mind.... yes! I will ho where it takes me.

  • Gita_cropped.thumb
    Gita M. Smith
    Aug 19, 08:09am

    Well obviously I mean GO where it takes me. But ho... maybe my unconscious is already at work on a story...

  • Sunburn_selfie.thumb
    Jane Hammons
    Aug 19, 09:42pm

    Glad you guys like this photograph. It's hard to see in the little jpg, but there is a car in the distance coming toward the viewer. From Frank's book The Americans. There is a silver print on sale in a gallery in San Francisco that I go look at sometimes and am always glad no one has ponied up the $5000 for it.

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