Forum / Paust, you're a faggot!

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    Smiley McGrouchpants
    Jan 23, 05:29am

    Aint't it great? You're an old geezer who's a bitch and a loser.

    Now why don't you go grow some balls and sort your shit out.

    Creepy faggot.



  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Jan 23, 11:50am

    You jealous?

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Jan 23, 03:01pm

    People who hide behind pseudonyms often make the mistake of thinking it allows them to say anything about anybody with impunity. In the same post you manage to personally insult someone whom you don't even know as a person and indulge yourself in bigotry. These are both unacceptable in Fictionaut and I am calling you out for it. I should add that it that Matt's shrugging it off speaks volumes for him as a person.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Jan 23, 07:39pm

    Thanks, David. McPanties knows I love him, just not in *that* way. ;)

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Jan 23, 10:15pm

    As I said, Matt, your tolerance is admirable but I've seen this kind of speech before on Fictionaut and it is always toxic and detrimental to the site.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Jan 23, 11:07pm

    I agree, David, and have seen it before, but McPanties prefers only to shock. He's the type of pre-adolescent who farts loudly in the fancy restaurant and then basks in the negative attention. A clown who wants people to think he's dangerous like the Joker, but is really just a timid bunny. I have yet to see him get really nasty with anyone, and if I do I'll report him to Jurgen. When he feels lonely he drops his anonymous little stink bomb and then hides--afraid to engage anyone in even a parody of verbal combat. He's our enfant terrible wannabe--would that he had at least a smidgeon of talent.

    Thanks again for your interest.

  • Img_1307.thumb
    James Lloyd Davis
    Jan 24, 11:15pm

    I think he needs to be outed.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Jan 25, 12:34am

    He seems to be doing a pretty good job of it all on his own, JLD.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Jan 25, 02:41am

    I'm not thrilled by the juvenile trivia but neither am I for censorship and can probably live with that silliness. But homophobic slurs are something else and really need to be dealt with.

  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Jan 25, 01:21pm

    I agree, David, but on a situational basis. This guy's flying on one wing and pretending it's a helicopter. I can only pity such delusion. I recall a scene in a reminiscence by Capote about an American theatrical troupe touring Russia. One of the bar regulars--evidently the town fool--kept taking his glass eye out and spinning it on the table, for attention and free beer. Eventually it became tiresome and the Americans ignored him. Had the glass eye wept, perhaps it would have summoned at least one more beer.

  • Dscf0571.thumb
    David Ackley
    Jan 25, 02:31pm


    We seem to be talking past each other, so let me try again. If this were between you and him in a private correspondence, fine, say what you like, tolerate whatever suits you. However this is a public site, and forum, accessible to anyone who chooses and in a certain way, immortal: you can find postings here from years ago. The people who read this are real and not only can be offended but hurt by reading those words, used to demean them far too often. I have gay friends--who doesn't?--who would wonder about my showing my work on a site where homophobia has a say. I'd wonder about it myself. On that basis, he should be taken off, and I wish both the title above and what he wrote could be disappeared as well.

    And this disagreement in no way diminishes my opinion of you which remains high.



  • Mugshotme_(3).thumb
    Mathew Paust
    Jan 25, 04:55pm

    David, so long as my name is besmirched on this or any other site, no matter how silly the source or venerable the site, I will not be silent. Should you wish to report to J├╝rgen this infantile headline and its message I will not oppose you, nor, however, will I abet. I have joined efforts in the past to have a couple of members removed for attacking females directly in a nasty, misogynistic way. The women being slandered were not combative, and one, as I recall, was so upset she stopped posting here. In that instance I saw nothing excusable in the attack--nothing playful or ironic or meant in any way but to hurt those women on the site and, by inference, all women. This occurred shortly after the last presidential election, and the attackers openly applauded the president-elect. I draw this distinction to illustrate what I consider a substantial variance between foolishness and true malice. I've been assuming mature LGBT+ people (among whom I have friends, as well) are seeing the silliness of this attack on me as something laughable, including my attempt to deal ironically with its childish ignorance, than as personally offensive.

    I appreciate your perspective, David. Perhaps we can compromise and ask the moderator (if there is one) to remove the post altogether). Whether this is done or not, I suspect the post's instigator will give more thought to his actions next time such intemperate urges arise from the darkness of his lonely ego.

  • -5.thumb
    RW Spryszak
    Jan 30, 01:52am

    Ban this person.

  • Tim_picasso.thumb
    Tim Young
    Jan 31, 06:48pm

    I will never understand why someone would bad mouth Matt. And I'm sure all of us here can take a joke but in this case, frankly, I'm not laughing.

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