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    Bill Yarrow
    Jun 20, 08:46pm

    Arturo Ruiz and Kitty Boots are in the new issue of Olentangy Review, edited by Darryl and Melissa Price.

    Congratulations to Arturo and Kitty and all the contributors and to Darryl and Melissa on another fine issue.

    P.S. All the issues are archived and can be downloaded and saved as PDFs.

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Jun 20, 09:04pm

    Also, Rachna K. aka Tara Isabel Zambrano.

    It's a stunning issue! Congrats to all.

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    Bill Yarrow
    Jun 20, 10:00pm

    Didn't know Tara was Rachna. Congratulations, Rachna, as well!

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    Erika Byrne-Ludwig
    Jun 20, 10:24pm

    Very well done, Kitty, Arturo and Rachna. ***

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    Rachna K.
    Jun 20, 10:42pm

    Thank you so much C (xoxo) and Erika.
    Kitty and Arturo have great stuff in there.

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    RW Spryszak
    Jun 20, 11:03pm


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    Mathew Paust
    Jun 21, 03:45pm

    Beautiful issue! Congrats to Kitty, Tara, and Loren, and to Darryl and Melissa.

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    Kitty Boots
    Jun 21, 03:58pm

    Thank you! Congrats to all the other writers. Thanks to Darryl and Melissa.

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    Sam Rasnake
    Jun 21, 04:07pm

    Great issue.

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    Arturo Ruiz
    Jun 21, 07:16pm

    Fabulous work in this issue from Kitty & Rachna. Thanks for giving my work a home in such a great venue Darryl

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    Rachna K.
    Jun 21, 11:19pm

    Thank you all.

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    Darryl Price
    Jun 22, 02:52pm

    Believe me, it's an honor to showcase your work and connect it to an audience. It's a job I'm happy to do because I believe in all of you, your talent is amazing and deserves the attention! Thanks for letting me be a small part of getting the word out.

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    Tim Young
    Jul 01, 11:31pm

    Congrats to all the writers and Darryl and Melissa!!!

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