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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Apr 22, 01:31am

    Matt Dennison has been a controversial figure here on Fictionaut and was undeservedly ousted, IMO. He's been nothing but kind and a perfect gentleman to me. He's an extremely talented poet and writer and I appreciate the time he's spent advising me on my own work.

    He has an essay oin The Wild Word, a Berlin based literary magazine, that is extraordinary about his time here in New Orleans as a street musician. I highly recommend it.

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    Rachna K.
    Apr 22, 02:14pm

    "A song is something small enough to hold in your hands, for that is what it passes through—the secret within the secret—and makes you realize how large your hands actually are."

    As always, brilliant writing by Matt. Thanks for sharing C.

    Please convey my best wishes to Matt. Miss seeing his work here.

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    Arturo Ruiz
    Apr 22, 03:06pm

    Lovely essay, thank you for sharing this.

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    Mathew Paust
    Apr 22, 03:44pm

    Thanks for this, Charlotte. I remember the turmoil back then, and, altho I admired Matt's work here he and I did have a verbal scrap or two--about what I have no clue. I recall trying to defend him at the time from what seemed like piling on by those who evidently hated him.

    It's ironic that more recently I mistook him for someone calling himself "bacon", who turned out to be admittedly mentally ill, and I regret having wrongly blamed Matt. I apologized to Matt on Facebook for my mistake, but have not heard back from him. It still pains me that I judged so hastily--and so badly.

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    Jenny Rawls
    Apr 25, 10:07pm

    All's good between Matt and I. Go read his work. You might learn something.

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    Apr 26, 01:58am

    I find it ironic that the people who beat the drum to get him out never (or rarely) darken the door here. Matt always made it a point to comment on the work of new people when others ignored them. I was one of those new people he made feel welcome. He engaged with the other writers regardless of their popularity or lack thereof. You always knew where you stood with him because he didn't play games. He's the real deal. Not perfect, but a real human being.

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    eamon byrne
    Apr 26, 10:10pm

    Matt was the author of the very first comment on the first piece I published on fictionaut. It was a very uplifting comment which gave me great encouragement. Later, Matt and I became good friends. He sent me three of his poetry chapbooks. I read all of Matt's work that he published on fictionaut. I always thought Matt was one of the very best writers I came across on the site.

    I have no idea what the controversy concerning Matt was about. And I really dont want to know. I do remember a lot of very nasty things said about him on the fictionaut facebook page a couple of years ago. I know too well how people can behave cowardly when they gang up on a particular person they somehow take a disliking to.

    If Matt by some chance you were reading this post, I would like to say I admire and respect you as a writer.

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    Rachna K.
    May 07, 02:15pm

    Here is a poem by Matt Dennison in Monarch Review:

    Lovely work!

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    Sally Houtman
    May 16, 05:35am
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    David Ackley
    May 16, 02:19pm

    Thanks, Rachna, a lovely poem indeed. Matt has really mastered the long arc in a poem.

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    Mathew Paust
    May 16, 02:49pm

    Some fine examples here of Matt's work.

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    May 16, 08:42pm

    It's a shame we're denied the pleasure of reading his work here.

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    Mathew Paust
    May 17, 02:31pm

    As I understand it, Matt can return anytime he likes.

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    Charlotte Hamrick
    May 18, 03:18pm

    No. His account was cancelled, deleted. I talk to him often and reconfirmed this.

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    Mathew Paust
    May 20, 03:20pm

    My misunderstanding. I wonder if it's possible for him to be reinstated?

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    Gary Hardaway
    May 21, 01:13am

    Piss on Matt Dennison.

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    Chris Okum
    May 31, 12:08am

    I just became aware of this thread right now and I would like to say that Matt Dennison is a great guy and a great poet. I miss him here on Fictionaut. I hope he comes back.

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