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    Gloria Mindock
    Apr 08, 02:15pm

    Hi Everyone-

    Robert gave a great reading at the Dire Reading Series in Cambridge, MA on Friday night. What he read was great and oh so edgy. I loved it!!!! What a writer he is!!!!

    The evening was hosted by Tim Gager. I just wanted to share with you what a great reading Robert gave. The other readers, Robert K. Johnson and Len Krisak were wonderful too.

    The anthology, "Flash Fiction Fridays" is gorgeous!!!!! OMG! I can't wait to read it.
    Congratulations to all of you who are part of it. Robert did a wonderful job on it. It looks so beautiful inside and out!

    Chow for now-

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Apr 08, 03:39pm

    I wish I had been there to hear Robert's reading, he is a dynamo at the podium! And Robert will be back at KGB on June 23 for the BIG FICTIONAUT READING AND PARTY~

    Saturday, June 23
    7pm till....
    KGB Bar
    85 East 4th Street (second floor)
    In NYC's East Village

    It's free and the drinks are cheap and the mic will be OPEN for you to read a flash or a few poems, or maybe 2 flashes, depending on how drunk the rest of the party-goers get...

  • Night_chorus_book_cover.thumb
    Joani Reese
    Apr 08, 04:01pm

    Sounds like a grand time, both Cambridge and June 23. Congrats to Robert--our world traveler, and his book is a lovely thing.

  • Kreuzberg,%20germany%201992.thumb
    Robert Vaughan
    Apr 08, 04:26pm

    Gloria, you are too kind! And can I just say, those flash fiction pieces you read were wonderfully strange! You were a natural at the mic (or lack of!) And what gut-splitting laughter we shared. I can't thank you enough for making me feel right at home with all of your lovely writer friends.

    Susan, and JP- I adore you both! Thanks, everyone, for the support. I cannot wait until JUNE at KGB!!!! It is going to be something else.

  • Linda.thumb
    Linda Simoni-Wastila
    Apr 09, 02:58pm

    Wish I coulda been there. Perhaps an encore in March 2013? Peace...

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