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I like this poem:

"Speak to me, aching heart: what
ridiculous errand are you inventing for yourself
weeping in the dark garage
with your sack of garbage: it is not your job
to take out the garbage, it is your job
to empty the dishwasher. You are showing off again,
exactly as you did in childhood--where
is your sporting side, your famous
ironic detachment? A little moonlight hits
the window, a little summer moonlight, tender
murmurs from the earth with its ready sweetness--

From "Midnight" by Louise Gluck

Why do you write?

kitchen utensils, bathtub rings, pictures of broken mannequins, piano keys, local hardware stores, warm hands, bad art, good music, hooded sweatshirts, objects with teeth, synchronized jump-roping girls, car trouble, failed jokes, uncomfortable social situations, knuckle hair, men who wear jewelry, girls who wear hats, prisons, nonsequiturs, and elmer's glue bottles

Any favorite authors? Books?

Some ladies:
Joan Didion, Louise Gluck, Ann Beatties, Amy Hempel, Courtney Eldridge, Dora Malech, Alice Munro, Jhumpa Lahiri, Katherine Mansfield, Marilynne Robinson, Anna Akmatova...

Some fellas:
John Keats, Chekov, Milan Kundera, Charles Simic, EM Forster, Junot Diaz, James Tate, Frank Bidart, Gogol, Shel Silverstein, Kenneth Koch, Stephen Dobyns, James Joyce...

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Matt Bell – Nov 17, 2009

Hi Lindsay! Thanks so much for your kind words about my Gulf Coast story-- It really means a lot!

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