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About Me

I'm the author of a novel called THOSE WHO SAVE US which is miraculously about to have its first anniversary on the New York Times besteller list. I'm working on my second novel, THE STORMCHASERS, which will be published by Dutton/ Penguin. I live in a brownstone in Boston that contains the original library of the building and a lot of secret compartments. I've got a black Lab, Woodrow, also known as The King of the Universe.

Why do you write?

I write because it's the only thing I've ever been decent at, besides talking about writing, teaching writing, and supporting the food service industry.

Any favorite authors? Books?

You can find the answer to that and much more at the updated website I just spent what feels like several decades writing content for, See you there.

Jenna Blum's Wall

Corey Zeller – Nov 15, 2008

Hello Jenna.

Amy Yelin – Oct 12, 2008

Hi Jenna,

Just a note to say hello - I live in Arlington and I've read your column in the Grub Street newsletter - recently read the one about your storm chasing experience. Really compelling. I do look foward to reading your novel one of these fine days...

Jenna Blum – Sep 11, 2008

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