Jared Hegwood

Location Augusta, GA
Website http://www.15men.com

About Me

I read a lot, I write a lot. I love stories in everything: prose, poetry, film, painting, comic books, photography, video games, performance.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Raymond Carver. Italo Calvino. The Barthelmes. Jonathan Lethem. David Foster Wallace. Amy Hempel. James Tate. Jorge Borges. Grant Morrison. Mary Robison. Neil Gaiman. Larry Brown. Cormac McCarthy. Alan Moore. Phillip K. Dick. Kurt Vonnegut. Tim O'Brien. Robert Louis Stevenson.

Jared Hegwood's Wall

Gary Percesepe – Sep 28, 2009

whoa, another hegwood?

Elizabeth Hegwood – Sep 28, 2009


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