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On a walk in the woods one morning, I found this coyote with a wire-snare wrapped tight around his neck. He’d been dead for a while but even if I’d found him in time, what could I have done about a wild animal half out of its mind with fear?

So I sat down at the base of a Juniper and bawled like a child.

Thank God the coyote’s eyes were closed.

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Myra King – Jun 20, 2010

Diplomacy at its best! Thank you, Dean (it's actually from a crime novel I wrote five years ago) I'm re-writing it at the moment, some of it is making me cringe - although I quite liked this sex - scene. However, unlike the character, I like hairy men, warts and all ;-) ps your wife sounds really nice - obviously she's the romantic one.

Myra King – Jun 05, 2010

Thanks Dean. Glad you liked Purple Patch, what is the other piece you have read?

Myra King – May 17, 2010

I meant this 'story' cheered me up! Just re-read this and realised how it sounded! Lol

Myra King – May 16, 2010

Today, 1:27 pm Monday. Mothers Teeth. Fit­ting for me to fin­ish on a story that made me chuckle. I sat down this after­noon with a lit­tle bit of sad­ness, know­ing that that this was the last story on this web­site — I’ve read them all. This cheered me up.
Thanks, Dean, you are an amaz­ing writer, ver­sa­tile, deep, whim­si­cal, mys­ti­cal, engag­ing and enter­tain­ing, as I said before there is no rea­son lit­er­ary fic­tion can­not enter­tain as well.
Now I shall dis­ap­pear back into the ether — watch for me and keep believ­ing in your­self. Okay that sounds corny, but I do corny some­times :-)

Myra King – May 15, 2010

ps Of course I know it's not just about the sex but about abandonment and yearning for that connection of love past.

Myra King – May 15, 2010

Sunday morning 10:25, today Do Bullets Come.
Dean, I have pins and nee­dles from head to toe. You used the bright light thing again like in the moon story. It’s a good tran­si­tion sig­nal — I love it.
I was held by Bill’s mood, the dif­fer­ent sce­nar­ios and won­der­ing which was the true ver­sion. Hop­ing it was the lat­ter.
I love the raw raunch­i­ness of this story, the truly male POV that few women writ­ers can pull off (par­don the pun) If only women knew how impor­tant sex is/was to men and con­versely, how unim­por­tant when it was/is all going well…

Myra King – May 14, 2010

Saturday - Breakdown in the middle of the Moon.
Oh, Dean I’m sit­ting here with tears in my eyes — not sen­ti­men­tal tears, just sym­pa­thetic tears, just nod­ding my head in under­stand­ing, tears. Bravo! Skil­ful change of POV, achingly real char­ac­ters, enough plot to make a story you want to keep read­ing, mem­o­rable lines, great scene set­ting and under­ly­ing story glimpses. Won­der­ful, pow­er­ful work.
I guess I’m get­ting close to run­ning out of your sto­ries now, Dean. I’m sure going to miss them. But you have your novel (just assum­ing here… but also hoping…).

Myra King – May 13, 2010

Friday 14th - Edible Cows.
Full speed ahead with this story, Dean.
(Those Indian people are all so polite, must have been the british influence)
Not a word wasted, top literary fiction.
(Are you really so bad? See you have me believing it!)

Myra King – May 12, 2010

Thursday 12:45 Oklahoma Code. Riv­eted to the screen for this one, Dean. Oh, god, the telepa­thy, that strong con­nec­tion yes! So believ­able. Was this a flash?
Great work!

Myra King – May 11, 2010

ps I found a few typos in this, Dean, - not that that matters. Satin for Satan, shinned for shined. Ever for every. :-)

Myra King – May 11, 2010

Today, Wednesday, The Returnable Bobby Lin.Dean I loved the pro­gres­sion of this story from preacher to birth, to Bobby — his com­ing of age. What a great idea — a preacher with Tourette’s – not much could be worse really. But you made it believ­able. The ever present con­flict car­ry­ing the story on. Lots of ques­tions unan­swered, but adding to the intrigue. (BTW the other com­ment should’ve said – ‘I’ read this twice)

Jack Swenson – May 11, 2010

Dean, I appreciate you comment about "At the Faire." Thank you very much.

Myra King – May 10, 2010

I Might Have Been Raised by Wolves.
Wow, this is pow­er­ful, Dean. You are a great poet too. Read this twice.

Myra King – May 09, 2010

Lizard Lust for today, Monday.
Once again, Dean, you sur­prise me with your diver­sity. Seam­less change of POV from Fred to Win­fred. Two dif­fer­ent lives led by man and lizard or are they? And in the end his woman doesn’t care and nor does Fredricka. God, this is good stuff.

Myra King – May 08, 2010

The Bearded Lady, today. I loved this one, Dean. Once again an under­ly­ing ten­sion that the some­times light hearted narrator’s ban­ter, makes tol­er­a­ble to read. (Per­son­ally I think shaved ones are slightly pae­dophilic)
I’d like to read a fol­low up story to this, to see if they got on as well as I think they will.

Myra King – May 07, 2010

Read Train Wreck. I know, I have set myself a fix of one Dean-story a day, but I read this by acci­dent — sorry for the pun — but I clicked onto it by mis­take and when I started read­ing couldn’t stop. You have the best open­ing lines, Dean. Satir­i­cal end­ing to this one — He just could not let sleep­ing dogs ‘lie’.

Myra King – May 07, 2010

Saturday afternoon's reading - Lesbian Mattress. Had a laugh at the end of this one, Dean. Your char­ac­ters remind me of some of Irwin Shaw’s (Just fin­ished read­ing Irwin Shaw — Five Decades) Slightly off cen­tre but still very real. Do our char­ac­ters reflect our­selves? Bill has a pipe…
(What I don’t like is ‘mem­ber’, mem­ber of what, par­lia­ment?) Great story.

Lori Lou Freshwater – May 07, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to read This Girl in That Shirt. I really appreciate your thoughts.

Myra King – May 06, 2010

Today, Body in the Bulrushes. "I knew that made lit­tle sense but I couldn’t fool my eyes with rea­son." Strangely believable, the narration was that convincing.
I love your diversity, Dean. All these stories are different but the brilliance is the same.

Myra King – May 05, 2010

My fix for today was, "How Exxon Killed the Tooth Fairy"
Loved the a satire, the humour and the underlying message. Astounding work as ever, Dean.

Myra King – May 04, 2010

Today, it was Fractured Prisms. Oh what a great story, Dean, of love and loss, and what two people do to cope with what they have been dealt. I particularly loved this line: "forty-three years could do that, pull the mois­ture out of damn near any­thing" (sorry this was a bit late but I had trouble logging on to Fictionaut)

J.B. Lacombe – May 02, 2010

Dean, thank you for reading my first post and for your thoughtful comment!

Myra King – May 01, 2010

Glad to hear from you Dean. To be honest I thought you may have been on holidays or worse. It doesn't matter to me though, if you were (on holiday that is) I'm really enjoying the diversity of your writing. I can't believe that you have just started writing, surely you meant you have just started posting on here? And so many stories. Anyway, today I chose When Wolves Grow Old. Great parody, had me laughing out loud.

Myra King – May 01, 2010

The Hump On my Back, today. Whimsical light-hearted. Come on Sunday.

Myra King – Apr 29, 2010

Today Dean, A Day at the Beach with Misty - I've been looking forward to reading my daily fix and this did not disappoint. Opening lines drew me in like Misty did her schoolboy lover. Wonderful writing, this is some of the best fiction I have ever read. Until tomorrow.

Myra King – Apr 28, 2010

A Snake in the Road (love that double meaning) just a short piece, but good:
Man 0 Snake 1 (won)

Myra King – Apr 27, 2010

Today, Green Is Not Funny Anymore. Brilliant opening lines, a little set up of character enough to make you wonder why his first wife went like she did and so quickly. Then reading on we learn this is an analytical man to the extreme. Thanks Dean, I'm really enjoying this reading ride! Until tomorrow.

Myra King – Apr 26, 2010

Finished reading The End Of the World and just had to read the first line again. Powerfully believable. Loved the juxtaposition with his reality and the calendar girls. Tears in my eyes at the end of The End of the World. Brilliant, brilliant work! Until tomorrow, Dean, when I will once again cathect to your work (been wanting to use that word)

Myra King – Apr 25, 2010

Today I read Peter Rabbit and the Problem with Gravity. Drawn in right from the first line ended up reading it aloud - great stuff! Too much to mention here. I could get addicted to this and then where will I be when it runs out? Until tomorrow.

Myra King – Apr 25, 2010

I couldn't wait - looked up your website. Blown away by your writing - Just finsihed 'When I was Thirteen and met Bernadine' Can't wait to read more. Will read one a day, eke it out like fine wine.

Myra King – Apr 25, 2010

Some things are beyond our control, out of our time, Dean. Literary fiction in your 'About me'. More please, Myra holds out her metaphorical bowl.

Matt Dennison – Apr 18, 2010

That's not his pipe...

Darryl Price – Apr 18, 2010

I don't know why but it's just good to see someone posing with their pipe--as if to say, hey, this is me and this is my pipe and we enjoy the heck out of smoking together.

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