Bert Menco

Location Evanston
Occupation biologist/visual artist

About Me

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Why do you write?

See bio website, visual narratives

Any favorite authors? Books?

Irene Nemerovsky, the brothers I.J. and I.B. Singer, Chaja Polak, André Brink, Miguel de Cervantes, Amos Oz, Yasunari Kawabata

Bert Menco's Wall

Bert Menco – Nov 10, 2008

Merci Madame, alas my fiction is more in lines and patterns, but life is fiction for me, sometime, at other times is so very real, but then you forget, and it becomes, seemingly so, fiction again.

aimée laberge – Nov 10, 2008

Nice to see you here, Bert. You can find me under pen name Aimée but I haven't succeeded to post a story yet-- which is why we are all here, all fictionauts.

Bert Menco – Oct 11, 2008

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