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Frankie Saxx – Jul 06, 2014

I never met a wall that didn't look better with words on it. ;)

Frankie Saxx – Jul 06, 2014

I'm going to cook today. Hot weather food. Cold pasta, tortellini tossed with olive oil and fresh thyme, halved cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, just softened in the pan with a trace of butter. Slices of firm basil tofu, crusted with black pepper and fried until the surface is crisp. A watermelon salad, you know the one, with the feta and the red onions.

In a few moments, when I'm done with my coffee, I'm going to put on pants and walk to the store in the bright July sun because I need more onions and a baguette fresh from the bakery. There's already ice cream in the freezer and beer chilling in the fridge. I'll open the black lager when I start cooking. God I fucking hate cooking.

Frankie Saxx – Jun 18, 2014

Sometimes I watch horror movies when I'm home alone. I save them up on the DVR. So many monsters in that slim silver box. Then, one night the mood strikes. I draw the blinds and I open it in the dark like Pandora.

I know, before I begin, that I will sleep with the lights on. That I will walk past the closet door on the far side of the hall, that I will hop into bed and pull my feet up quick. Just in case. Even though the only monster in here is me.

Charlotte Hamrick – Jun 16, 2014

Welcome, Arif!

Frankie Saxx – Jun 16, 2014

Aloha and welcome to Fictionaut. Also: First post! Yeah!

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