Gail Siegel

Location Evanston, IL
Occupation Writer

About Me

What I like writing: fiction
What I have time to write: press statements and testimony for my politician-boss. sigh.

Why do you write?

I joined because Pia Ehrhardt invited me and Pia knows what's what. I write in order to remember what happened, what I imagined, what didn't happen. Without writing, life dissolves behind me.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Here are a few by people I don't know: "This Boy's Life" by Tobias Wolff, "Anywhere But Here" by Mona Simpson, "Andorra" by Peter Cameron, "Blindness" by Jose Saramago, "Waiting for the Barbarians" by Coetzee, "Jesus Son" by Denis Johnson, "Housekeeping" by Marilyn Robinson

Gail Siegel's Wall

Darryl Price – Jul 30, 2009

JULY 10 was an incredibly busy day here on earth. I can't believe all the stuff that happened on that day. Happy belated. Next year I'll be more on top of the fact.

Savannah Schroll Guz – Apr 14, 2009

I am really enjoying your blog!!

Scott Garson – Mar 13, 2009

ty Gail! so nice to hear!

David Erlewine – Mar 09, 2009

Hi Gail, thanks for checking out my suicide note piece and for your kind words. Chhers, David

David Erlewine – Mar 06, 2009

Hi Gail, I just read your comment on Mary's wall. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband and am glad you have Mary's wonderful book to help transport you. You all are in my thoughts. David

Marcy Dermansky – Feb 26, 2009

Thanks Gail!

I love this new picture of you, here, too. I think I can pick out from the dog and the man which one is you. Unlike the five friends. (Unless that's your family and you are strangely absent and then, it's still a nice photo).

Meg Pokrass – Feb 26, 2009

we may have the same dog. I don't know how to post a pic here, but you can see him on my blog:

Molly Gaudry – Feb 25, 2009

Hi Gail, Thanks for your note. That piece is interesting...I've already received more emails about it in one day than most of my other stories combined. I feel as if, because it's non-fiction, it's off as an actual piece of writing. I've got no filter. Beyond that, the prose is plain -- and everything I've been doing lately is anything but plain. So it feels strange to have it out there. Still, Rick Rofihe is one of my favorite editors to have worked with. He could not have been kinder, more patient, throughout the entire process. Non-fiction. What a rag.

Scott Garson – Jan 30, 2009

hi gail, i never paid you back for writing on my wall. i'm paying you back now. i liked your Obama story on your blog. you seem alive to your own strangenesses in that tale, which is very much something I can relate to.... Also i like your AWP story. Gives us who aren't going this yr a little consolation maybe....

Dave Clapper – Jan 30, 2009

We do? How about that? AND you're in Evanston, which was my home for six years before moving to Seattle!

Tim Jones-Yelvington – Jan 29, 2009

Very cool. ...David Orr is a great friend to Crossroads. I was in a bidding war with him for a signed Chicago Fire t-shirt at our annual event last year.

Tim Jones-Yelvington – Jan 29, 2009

I love Andorra by Peter Cameron!

Corey Zeller – Nov 15, 2008

Who are you in this picture? Its like a game. I am going to guess that you're the woman in the bottom middle.

Marcy Dermansky – Aug 28, 2008

Hi Gail! Thanks for the lovely comment. I almost begged you on MySpace to read TWINS so it's a good thing that you liked it. I brought almost all the Dermanskys here, except my sister who is a photographer. I'd love to read a story by you.

Pia Ehrhardt – Aug 27, 2008

I feel better now that you're here too.

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