Ode to an Afro (or Going Natural in a Corporate World)

by Yasmin Elaine Waring

In praise of the colorful flock with crowns

of teased cotton candy rising high above 

Modular walls, stalled operating systems

staling coffee and pale corner offices

Stand in awe of the follicular physics

gravity defied, opposing natural law  

Dandelions bow low in her shadow

reluctant to seed while she passes 

Yellow petals sewn neat like cornrows

weed out the insecurity and the lye  

Curls wound as tight as coiled springs

frame the straight story rooted there:

Rapunzel trades long locks for naps

preferring instead the tower heights

It's taken much too long to get here

and she would rather climb higher

To court the stars with bright eyes  

not surprised at all when they fall

Unzipped constellations that glitter

with thunder in her cumulus mane  

August 2014