Drum Naked

by Tantra Bensko


"The Nuremberg Principles says that we in the military have not only the right, but also the DUTY to refuse an illegal order.”

Based on the above, I contend that
should some civilian order you to initiate a nuclear attack on Iran (for
example), you are duty-bound to refuse that order.
I might also suggest that you should consider whether
the circumstances demand that you arrest whoever gave the order as a war

By Colonel Bob Bowman (USAF Ret), Caltech PhD in Nuclear Engineering and
Aeronautics,decorated combat fighter pilot (101 missions in Vietnam), and former
head of Presidents Ford and Carter's 'Star Wars' program. Sept. 2007

             We pace.

We are used to naked. We are used to being amber

In the firelight, licked by flames, staring into them,

Going into nothing nothing nothing

Coming out the other side with visions

Answering the future, visions

Beyond nations, visions beyond corporations,

Visions beyond the mass illusions

Of our televisions, of our politicians, of our false

Religions. Instead of secrecy societies

We see see see, telepathically, holding nothing back,

Indulging instead in radical honesty.

Celebrating instead a world made of consciousness

Vibrating as love that flows between us all

Including plants, rocks, birds, water, air, truth.

Truth, we say. We drum for truth. Naked truth.

We drum drum drum. Te dum te dum te dum

Rub a dum dum. Rat a tat tat.



Ban the bomb. Plant a tree of infinity.

We stalk. We crouch. But when we come

To public view, we straighten, hold our heads

As high as we can, our drums strapped on

Covering our privates, large drums,

Sinewy drums, African drums, athletic drums.

And so are we. We move our legs

and see the muscles taut.

We feel the power of the earth against our feet,

Bare against it. We wear nothing but our drums.

The military base can sense us coming. A few

Soldiers stand and watch, gather more.

No one knew. They smile, jerk their heads,

Call their friends to come and watch.

The sound revives them. Reminds them.

There is hope. There is truth.

We stand as one, 50 of us, naked, drumming, louder,

Slower, more precise, and stop.

One of us moves forward, takes off his drum.

Ta dum. He says to them:

We want to tell you naked facts about the WTC.

The rest of us drum. And stop.

Several of the suicide hijackers

Are still alive.

Ta dum.

And one by one,

We move aside our drums

To show our naked bodies, strong

In the sunshine, say a line.

No steel building has ever fallen

Just like a controlled demolition

If it wasn't a controlled demolition.

Physics proves it was not a fire.

Ta dum.

The president's brother and cousin

Were in charge of security for the buildings.

Ta dum.

Bomb sniffing dogs in the buildings

Were taken out of service

The week of the attack.

Ta dum.

Lots of members of the Bush

Administration had said before--

We need a new Pearl Harbor

To justify the transformation

Of the military.

Ta dum

WE are calling for a different kind

Of transformation

Of the military!

Bam ba ba BAM!

Where truth is revealed

To all, transparency

In policy, including

The REAL reasons

We are at war.

And we drum. We stand beside

Our drums. Tall and proud.

Ta dum.

And the soldiers say:

We know. We're not dumb.

They're getting ready

For another. A new attack,

A new excuse, another country

To falsely blame.

Ta dum.

But we won't go. We're in the know.

We are planning to fight for truth

Refuse another inside job,

Stand down, salute our military leaders

Who are coming forth

To ask us all to look

At what is happening,

To see, to see, to see.