le flâneur passed by worlds

by strannikov

eye knowing eye wondering

across short episodes a spell of rain falls:


the boy darting for his ball the zooming car

twelve tablets more than necessary―lethal

motorcycle rounds a mountain curve the rock

occupied bed―a dying disease's dreads.


across short events as day begins to break:


the kitchen coffee first cigarette the day

a quiet sit to watch the wait for the mail

a prudent nap before a longer day lasts

clean-up after breakfast some dishes still soak.


with two eyes knowing and wondering with all.



le flâneur passed by worlds

I'm down on doltish druids costumes in hand

wardrobes in tow spectacles aligned lectures

in wait―little learning as performance art.


I'm wearied with these tired Potemkin façades

these elaborate gates for alleys all blind

worn out with walking into dead ends each time.


I wince at those piloting the planet poor

I vomit hearing how the planet's brakes squeal 

in dread I wait for collisions to pass me:


skies grow green dust goes red oceans go deep brown

as the planet twitches jolts gorges splays heaves.