how gravity keeps time

by strannikov

how gravity keeps time


into the Zone of Avoidance gazes sink

―and why not? a black hole at the heart of it,

gravity attracts even our vision when

we lift our gazes. nevertheless, our eyes

spin with and under that ancient moon up there

whose gravity itself has attracted eyes

since well before all ancient days, all of them:

even those pathetic ancestors of ours

millennia untold guessing at that moon

always arriving later than itself, moon-

speed to propel cosmic action, at least that.


transmission garbled part'y received


masters of eternity

masters of infinity

masters of forever too

(where could the universe's own

ephemeral moment lurk?):


aiming numbers never named

(no one's ever counted π)

our unnumbered aims and claims

(where do the universe's own

peripheral moments lurk?)


microscopic masteries

written with letters of size

magnify their importance

(magnifications of meaning

confer legibility).


species in need of senses

(how modest to need more'n one!)

for perceiving escaped zeals―

countering numerated counts

our metrics of bliss don't match.


vexed with us, the universe

shreds our digitized parchments

more modest more poised than we

(drowns us in microwaves bosons

radiation gravity).