halloween haiku

by strannikov

image of life gone:

the calcium monument

of all vanities.


the wills wait within

pendulums set in mid-flight

meeting some extreme.


don't wait to be met

by moving hours: move them now

while they assemble.


just once at the end

we succumb to gravity:

pendulums take turns.


sun-baked colors shine:

we poured concrete, laid our bricks,

the sun sets on bricks.


lives cast more shadows

on bricks, roads, fields, water, mud—

than do skeletons.


a dry bony voice

from a desiccated soul

coughs up its own throat.


denuded beliefs

clatter like large stiff dry leaves

what were once alive.


refusing one's own

future is always one thing—

the other, mmm, not.


long long, then belong:

before belonging, long long

then learn to long not.


mid-day's not too soon:

good riddance to clarity!

some luck in broke glass.

for malign reason,

oddly, cats can be hated:

men are their own deeds.


is love the effort?

is love the residue of

the applied efforts?


stealing from yourself

what is not yours and no one's

—just one world per head.


children launch each day:

some survive on trust, the rest

marvel at physics.


unable to trust,

after one sheet's length was ripped,

two ragged half-sheets.


this pumpkin's jeering

grin does not wait to be carved

—it's already lit!