by Steven Gowin

Breakfast demands yogurt; it sounds a gentle reveille.

Wake up now stomach and the rest of you lazy digestive bits; hear the soft morning chimes.

Later, you've hit that four shot espresso limit; you've snarfed down that too rich mushroom korma… gone before you tasted it. You've drenched your gut in stress and caffeine. But as the acid roils below, that crazy firey bruja, toss away those Tums and Rolaids. The good infections will do for you. A couple big spoons full; yogurt puckers the gums and goes down smooth. Old Pliny knew; the stomach will be calmed.

Yogurt restores the karmic balance, the one you've chased with all that trash. It tunes the system, and the system tuned eases the mind.

Balance. It's all you want, you see? all we're heading for in the end anyway.