Pet Sitter

by Steven Gowin


This is Joan McLain calling returning your call about Andy the dog sitter. Just got home and got your message. Yes, I would absolutely recommend Andy. 

He came to pet sit and house sit for my mom's dog when my mom went away for six weeks, ummm last year. We didn't know him from Adam but he had been recommended by somebody from my sister's ah, my sister's dog blog in San Francisco, saying this was a great guy, apparently.

Well, when we hired him, he said he worked for free but took tips. So we kind of left it at that, though, but as it turned out he ended up working more than six weeks, he ended up working seven, ah you know, maybe like five months cause my mom, who was elderly, got hung up in Florida, couldn't travel, etcetera.

And God love him, he stayed and, and ah, took care of Wally and, I'm telling ya, you will never find a man who loves dogs as much as Andy does. He took, he used to take Wally with him everywhere. He would go visit old folks at old folks' homes, and he would take Wally.

Now mind you, Wally is like a twelve pound dachshund chi wow wow, but ah ya, he's great with the dogs, absolutely great.

I liked him very much. He's a little bit of an odd guy, not in, ah, not in any kind of a bad way. He's, I think he's very honest. I didn't have any problem with that, and again, he was really accomidating. So if you have any further questions, feel free to call me, but yes, he's -

His girlfriend is lovely too. Her name is Tracey, and there was a time when, you know, given he was staying longer than he had certainly anticipated. Tracey would stay and watch Wally and to make a long long story short she ended up keeping Wally because my mom, at 94, had to move out.