by stephen hastings-king

Method of divination.  Open a book to any section.  Drop your hand onto the page.  Read that there is an exorcism happening in the other room.  Through the walls I hear voices of demons.  The sounds come with a strange crackling. All around me people pray as before an impending disaster.  Please, Principle of Implausible Outcomes, smile upon me.

Open a book and drop your hand onto the page like the Holy Spirit drops from the ceiling in a wave.  Its wake is made from syllables that spread over a regional meeting of mystics in a high school gymnasium. The instructions were to channel messages from the Spirit to the authorized receptors of messages from the Spirit.  They said: Sanctions will be applied to unauthorized receptors.  But soon I am standing, phonemes rushing through me.  I lose myself in their momentum. Then I am being rushed out.  The men who have me by either arm say: You reveal yourself, Satan.  They take me to a room where awaits the assemblage of hands that approaches once it is decided that you are possessed.


Divination. When the hands came I expelled voices but inwardly heard the future. The end of days will come as the Exemplary Times repeated in reverse.  The wonders that accompanied the resurrection will be followed by a retreat into the dark cave.  Then we will back down from Golgotha and be declared innocent by Rome.  We will fly across a desert and fail every test.  Bit by bit we will release ourselves from the story and end by crawling back into the virgin's womb.  Peace will come when we have erased ourselves.