An after-image, a ghost

by stephen hastings-king

It was also witnessing the emergence into explicitness and clarity of everyone's expendability, the everyone's expendability that was a constant the whole time (the sound of electricity, the sinewaves of refrigerator motors), the everyone's expendability that was, before, something you knew but filtered out and that was, before, something those in power knew but pretended was otherwise, like there was a problem with acknowledging everyone's expendability that would lose them legitimacy, so it was always there but unspoken, like there is (literally) an elephant in this room. It was a witnessing of the way in which the everyone's expendability emerged into explicitness and clarity, said by an entire re-election campaign that people confused with a government, articulated by someone who didn't care about legitimacy because he was elected on the basis of its already absence but even if it mattered, for him legitimacy was not in play & never would be in play because there was no time for it amidst the fawning on conservative media that he watched all day on his very big TV---but even he did not just come out and say it, so the everyone's expendability emerged into explicitness and clarity by shaping everything he did say:


We don't think this virus thing is real. But even if we did it would not be our problem. But we don't think it's real. But you might be thinking:

It's a virus and people are getting sick and dying & that seems mighty real to me.




Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? 

But now you might be thinking: You might not personally think its real but you need to do something anyway.

 And you'd be right. We are doing something.We're doing something by not doing anything.

The not doing of anything that we are doing is actually the doing of something

because there's nothing to be done.

You see, when you're called on to address a problem and that problem isn't real, then, in such a situation, the doing of things,

any things,

is irresponsible

because the doing of those things lends false credence to an unreal thing

and that we do not want to do.


And when you, out there in TV-land,

when you do things,based on your incorrect knowledge

of an unreal thing, public things, like

wearing a mask,

your motives are suspect. We think you only do such things

to make us look bad, to damage us politically,

in which case you are our enemy so why should we help you

---not that there is any need for help given the unrealness of the thing---

but think about it

who goes around helping their enemies? 


Losers do that.

Losers who have lost track of the importance of winning. 

We have not lost track of the importance of winning and




when we are in contests that are real because that is what winners do when the contests they are in are real.

They win them.

And so will we because we're Americans, real Americans,

and that's what real Americans do

when confronting things that are real

unlike this thing

which is not.