Advice from the Receptionist

by stephen hastings-king

The president is truculent today.

Earlier, a final wrestling-out ended several days of constipation.

The object wrestled out was roughly the size of his head.

Donald gazed upon the object beneath the water. In the glow of successful passage, the object looked like him.

But the resemblance could be better.

"Surely in this great land there is a sculptor who can perfect the resemblance.”

“It will make a reputation" he said as he summoned an aide.


When the aide arrived, Donald revealed his plan: the object in the water; a resemblance and its perfection by a sculptor of reputation.

The aide said: Sir, if I may speak frankly: the America people cannot handle a second Donald Trump.

Donald dismissed the aide.

'If I may speak frankly.'

I don't know what that guy does. 

I'm going to get rid of him.


Then he summoned a general.

When the general arrived, Donald revealed his plan: the object made of water and its Mount Rushmore perfection.

I'll reveal it at a press conference, he said.

The general was silent.

It will show that I care, he said.

The general was still.

An eyebrow gradually arched.  

The general flushed the toilet and walked out of the room.


So the president is truculent today.

He'll see you shortly.