Hip-Hop Elephants of the Golden Palace

by Shawn Misener

Hello floaty word man

suspended in smoke

chortling coughing with collapsing colon

spraying sounds into the day

making it night and ending the line

the advantage of hip -hop over poetry:

battles and

BEATS, of course

head-knockin' sounds

you'll gain a few pounds

in gold chains and pistol rounds


the one thing we all have in common

Is that our days will end, inevitably

we KNOW NOT how

or when or why

we just die

and they pack us away

under the earth

then maybe born again

as a beetle, a flower, or a fucking elephant


To be an elephant

roaming the edge of the Sahel

munching on plants and trees


Big as all get out

not even bears would step to us

we'd communicate by tapping trunks

and thromping weeds with our hind legs


fears nothing

and therefore faces his doom

with dignity, awe, and recognition

The awed elephant

looks to the blue sky

and spots an airplane

ripping a cloud trail

he points to the nearest cloud

and whispers to the plane's pilot:

“Be not afraid and approach the cloud

'tis golden body is decorated with fluff

and teensy silver linings”

So the plane shifts course in a jolt

as the cloud opens like lady legs

letting the plane into her glistening

golden glades & caverns

The elephant dies

and joins the pilot

in the golden palace