A 90's Tune.

by Shan Shaikh

The heat was different in the 90's

Car rides played all the right tunes,

and early, Saturday mornings echoed

explosions of excitement, and neighborly visits


Apartments; one beige body;

filled our LA slum, street

Sprinklers colored the hot cement a dark gray,

washing away our chalk


No extra sand to fill our jars

Mother was always there

From playing momma ape

to being a pillow during those restless,

restless nights


Police tunes didn't ring in

our ears as loud as the

ice cream truck sirens


People outside cut lawns,

and watered plants they didn't own

Landlords tossed out treasure

from their garages, and we

basked in our findings

Everyone yelled, but interpretation

was the least of our worries (if any)


Skyscrapers, our giants,

pulled a thick blanket over

our adventures and discovery

Yellow brick roads translated to

Metro bus routes with signals

determined to keep us from getting

to the cinema on time


The sun shined the brightest then

A yellow like Mr.Don's Camino


Something about those spaced out visits

from father that never hit the right string,

but mother's tears cleared the filth to make

way for more T-ball practice and embraces

after a fight in the sand box


I miss the way she used to hug us;

The way she used to dress us

No one's the same, but the 90's will forever remain


A tune that always hit the right string,

and just might've made everything else

worth fighting for