It's All in the Interpretation

by R. Daniel Lester

The Official Gastown Walking Tour

The Europe Hotel and the Captain French Building and the Dunn Building and Byrnes Block and Second Ferguson Block and 210 Carrall Street and Lonsdale Block and the Stanley Hotel and the Dominion Hotel and Gaslight Square and the First Malkin Warehouse and the Edward Hotel and Hudson House and the Kelly Building and Holland Block and the Masonic Temple and the Unitel Building and the Leckie Building



My Official Gastown Walking Tour

Home, a rented loft apartment, and Glory Foods convenience store and the Korean lady that smiles at me and the empty storefront where Blake's Coffee Shop used to be (and still should be) and Gassy Jack, standing statue tall, irreverent, and a lady asking anyone who passes her to buy her a sarong and tourists dressed in loud camera flashes and homeless dressed in desperation/resignation and a man with open sores on his face asking for change beside a BMW 6 Series and I Love Vancouverâ„¢ t-shirts in the summer sun and clogged sidewalks and a guy sleeping in a box and rampant, creeping gentrification and construction dust on a fire hydrant and a random sticker that says, Repent Sinner, and a club lineup snaking around the corner and sirens and that urine smell at alley's mouth