by Paul de Denus

So there we were sitting on the couch talking and I decided I liked her French accent and the way she held her cigarette even though I loathe smoking but on her it looked pretty good. And she went on and on about America with her cute French accent and I should mention, it was a real French one, you know, the imported kind direct from France, sparkly, effervescent. Like when she said the word 'but', it came out ‘bet'. She had one of those French hairstyles too, the Bridget Bardot type, a beehive I think it's called, sitting there on the top of her head like a smoke stack and I thought it was kind of funny since she was smoking and all. She liked my laugh and I liked her giggle and then I imagined her naked though I don't know if she thought of me the same way but I could see her with that beehive down and her giggling in French and everything. After a while and a bunch of OV's, I decided that I wasn't listening much though she kept talking and talking and I thought I might ask her about, you know, doing something else maybe since it was on my mind but then she said she was looking to marry a citizen so she could legally stay in the country so I just kept my mouth shut about it all.