Three Short Slips About Plants

by Linda Seccaspina

Someone gave me a challenge:

"Three short elegies to house plants that use the word centaur."


       " A centaur is a combination of man and horse "



The lone twig peeks out out of the green foliage,

 Like the lead centaur of  a pack of lonely dark horses,

He lacks the life he needs to rejoice, unlike those of the leaves that surround him,

Maybe one day something will grow out of the lone twig, and the odd combination  of textures and shades will produce united beauty.

But I really wouldn't count on it,

That twig looks pretty dead to me,

He will never ever be  a man,

Nor will he be a horse,

He will forever be a twig.


The End


"Centaur words are the words coined by a combination of two words"                                        (Portmanteau Words)




Bonk (bang + conk) the Blog (web + log) that someone made me do about this plant that has no Beautility. ( beauty + utility)

I doth chortle (chuckle +snort) at it's sad televangelist (television + evangelist) state.

It was Toughicult ( tough + difficult) to come up with Faction ( fact + fiction) to explain it's upcoming demise,

I cry in sorrow at it's Cremains. (cremated + remains)



                      "Freeballin' the Elegie Linda style"




What light peers through yonder window?

Tis the light that gave me the courage to leave,

The tunnel of darkness that housed me for years,

Until I too became a withered shroud of a leaf,

I could not stand tall nor breathe,

Because the flowing air housed me in suffocation,

I fought, I screamed, and finally the Centaur rescued me,

Up onto his back I climbed,

To leap, to run, to rejoice,

Off- into the light I went, scaling the leaves into the depths of the ceiling - to escape the withering of my soul.


Images and Crazy Words by Linda Seccaspina 2014